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''AMPLIFY Your MArketing, MIndSETS & MischiefS''
...Touching Brains with experts that run digital laptop lifestyles, "real" businesses, speakers, and other inspiring "camp fire" stories.
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What You're Going To Learn Listening To This Free Online Knowledge Cast...
My guests and I will talk about the inner working of marketing campaigns, concepts and ways you can apply those concepts to your business, your clients, and other applications. This Knowledge cast is a solid mix of educational training, pleasant conversation on marketing and mindset and tactic application of proven, cleaver or even zanny marketing concepts.
  • Marketing: Lets Tell The World About You! let's Tell The World About You! it has been said all problems are marketing problems, we are going to look at examples, historic and current, and discuss how they might apply to your business. 
  • Mindset: Lets get to work!  let's get to work! In business, you need to have your head right, and understanding the beliefs, thought processes and rituals that successful people have can open new doors in yourself and your business, in personal development we all need reminders and Touching Brains will serve as your reminder.
  • Mischief: Come have some fun! Come have some fun! Conversations can a way of twisting and turning and sometimes we talk about fun, entertaining and even taboo topics that may or may not be useful at all. 
About Your Presenter
My name is Josh Beechraft and I have been a number of things, and I often say I am a perpetual learner. Having knowledge of digital marketing, video productions, magic, music and a deep love for helping people I am excited to lead this project, as it fuels my mission to help move the needle for all those I come in contact with. Lets touch brains! 

Upcoming Episodes

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April Events

  • Timothy R. Johnson: Real Estate Expert, Financial Wizard, & High Ticket Closer
  • Brandee Sweesy: YouTube Marketing Expert

May Events

  • Ryan Michael Ciran: Digital Marketing Expert, Guitar Player, Magician.
  • Susan MacDowell: Amazon Selling Expert
  • ​Jenya Panova: Professional Encourager, Online Businesses Coach
  • ​William Huff Jr.: Digital Marketer, Martial Artist
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